We are sanaa, 

 You and I. 

Who We Are

SanaaStory is a creative investment company. We aim to invest in creative projects that spearhead bold and fresh initiatives in the urban artistic/creative culture, in order to make art a sustainable venture for artists.

Our Story

Our story began in 2014 when a group of young art enthusiasts wanted to create a cultural movement that would redefine how artistic and art spaces were viewed and perceived.

Far from the traditional desk and chair in a dimly-lit room, art could also be created and experienced in the great outdoors, in downtown Nairobi and even amongst non-creatives.

The first venture was a street art gallery on November 29th 2014. A crowd of about ten guests came to experience art installation on the road.

Since then we have experienced growth and support that has seen us hold four more events in venues such as Michael Joseph Center and the Village Market.

Our ventures grew as we met creatives along the way that shaped our understanding and philosophy.

From fashion to travel to music and to photography, our growth is continuously shaped by the collaborations and development of the artists we have worked with.

What we do.

We are currently running three major creative projects.

Sanaa Fashion is our merchandising franchise that presents a stylish yet meaningful touch of design in the fashion market.

SanaaCulture is an event, which provides a platform that allows artists to display their creative works. The event also brings together non-artists and art enthusiasts for a chance to view, enjoy and purchase the different forms of creative works.

SanaaWanderlust is a purpose and culture driven take to tourism. SanaaStory organizes budget trips to both SanaaWanderlust members and non-members, with an aim to immerse the travelers in a destination’s cuisine, culture and creative opportunities.

What we aim to do.

Our aim is to work on projects and ideas that push culture forward and make art a sustainable source of income for creatives.

Who have we worked with.

We have worked with National Museum of Kenya, Mediterraneo, Ibuka, Michael Joseph Center, The Village Market.

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