Community Guidelines

SanaaStory encourages an interactive and active creative community. In the effort to grow this creative community, we would like to present a platform to talented and bold artists, to showcase their art projects.

As a contributor to the Sanaa Creatives Community, the following guidelines ought to be observed in a bid to create a wholesome and friendly environment.


We encourage creatives to upload their own work. This is a platform for offering work to the community and not for sharing other people’s work.

In the case where you would like to show approval and appreciation for a creative’s work, leave a positive comment at the bottom of the project.


Respect other people’s privacy and do not upload photographic portraits or nude images of identifiable people unless you have their permission.

With consistency, quality of work improves as the artist is pushed beyond their comfort zones and eventually grow. Thus, we encourage creatives to present a new project every month. This is also to keep the community active.


Intellectual Property

A creative’s work is their creative property and you should not pass off another creative’s work as your own. If you would like to report misuse of your work or another person’s work, send us an email at


In the case of a visual presentation, kindly offer a brief explanation as to the essence of your project, the meaning and conception.

In cases where other creatives have participated/collaborated, state their names and role in the project.

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