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The Kenyan Coast has always been a place of intrigue. Seemingly arrested in time, the old towns of Mombasa, Kilifi, Lamu, Malindi just to name a few have become a marriage of the old and the new. Traditional Swahili and Arab culture coming together in a seamless merging with modern luxury.

Our journey took us to Mambrui, a small town about 15 minutes from Malindi Town. We stayed at the Villa Village in Angel’s Bay where we were treated to Swahili cuisine, access to a golden private beach and beautiful architecture.

Now, one thing that hits you once in Malindi is the dominant Italian influence. Signs were in English and Italian, Italian restaurants such as Osteria and of course Italian people. A more hushed and uglier side to this is one may encounter/experience a bit of racism from some of the Italians, especially if you are residing/renting their villas. But besides this, there is little negative we experienced while in Mambrui. There is a beach bar run by a lady named Donna on Angel’s Bay where we experienced some Italian cuisine. Bowls at the ready, we were served Bolognese which had everyone clamoring for more. At the villa, our

caretaker cooked for us pilau with mchicha, a dip in to Swahili cuisine.

The best part about staying in a self-catering house is the experience of grocery shopping in a new market. We made our way to the market in Malindi town where we found fresh fruit and veggies all at an affordable rate.

The main attraction to the coast is the beach and of course the ocean. Being private and not overpopulated, the beach was clean as was the ocean. Our photographers enjoyed sunrise and sunset shots courtesy of light and water. One, not so subtle but impressive and also attractive thing is the architecture. From the villas to the furniture, all detailed with intricate designs and patterns has one feeling nostalgic of an ancient era that one never even lived in! The Swahili and Arab influence is evident on the designs and this is something to definitely write home about.

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