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Nanyuki is a town that is renowned for various things. The equator, a spectacular view of Mt. Kenya and the British army base. This is information you could get out of a generic tours and travels manual. What we came to remember Nanyuki for was the unique cuisine and dining experience, the blazing sunset which sets the contrasting tone for the numbing chilly nights.

Our stay was at Storms Resort where we set up camp. Leaving Nairobi pretty late (at around 5 p.m.) our journey was an adventure in itself. Cars breaking down at dangerous hours of the nights, bathroom pit stops at questionable restaurants (which either forbade or encouraged the chewing of miraa, the faded signboards were not clear) to being misled by Google Maps to the middle of nowhere, we eventually found our way to Storm’s Resort where we checked in and set up camp. One amazing experience one gets in Nanyuki while camping is the clear night sky which lays the grounds to a spectacular array of stars. It is simply mesmerizing. Sam Mulwa captured this scene in a most creative manner.

Events at camp mostly consisted of barbecued dinners over a bonfire and huddling up in a single tent for a night full of storytelling.

Nanyuki offers two unique dining experiences. The first, Barney’s Restaurant is famous for overlooking the airstrip, as one can bite in to a slice of pepperoni pizza while observing a landing helicopter or examining a stationary Cessna plane. The second experience is at Trout Tree. Engineered as a tree-house, the restaurant sits high above various fish ponds.. The feeling of enjoying a plate of tilapia while beneath you are fish ponds is unique and satisfying. Note, Trout Tree operates between 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. as it does not run on electricity. Also quite unfortunately they lack trout due to a shortage. But they make it up to you with the opportunity to take a picture/selfie with a Colobus monkey.

After lunch we drove towards the wheat fields of Timau where we were treated to a fantastic sunset. The light descended upon the vast ranches to give off a golden beam much to the photographers’ delight.

Once again our country showed us the beauty it possesses and its reward to those who stopped, listened and sought after that beauty.

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