• Kahindo Karuga

Gogo Hummingbird

Projects with Imelda 'Gogo Hummingbird' are intense.

Where her creativity is given free reign to coordinate, direct and execute boundaries are pushed and there is a sense of excitement.

The movement of the subjects in her portraits will often be coordinated and symmetrical.

Every single detail is accounted for down to the clothing, accessories and the color palette.

What this results in is an impeccable and intense visual simulation of her ability to invent & re-invent.

Her aim in this project was to 'channel an inner Cole colour palette' with her affinity towards pastel colors.

Simple, Symmetrical and Stylish.

Enjoy her collection below.

#nanyuki #daressalaam #sanaastory #skill #kenya #tembeakenya #urbanfashion

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