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Methalis Unravelled w/ Selina Onyando

Methali - Swahili sayings often used to state a piece of advice or a statement of truth. i.e Swahili proverbs

Methalis were told by elders/parents to offer advice to those who found themselves in need of guidance. They are known to be applicable over a wide spectrum.

Ultimately, though experiences between people may differ, life lessons gained tend to remain the same.

We are always moving. Our lives are a journey.

Life is always in transition and change is inevitable. Change can elicit growth and in our case, a creative process.

As we journeyed to Samburu, Selina chose to tell a story of the transition, not just the destination. She captured these moments of transition with methalis. What this created was an unparalleled form of story telling where an image already so powerful was given meaning.

A frozen moment was taken as an opportunity to represent a life lesson, and for those who love to wander, the realization that sometimes the journey is the destination.

Photography by Selina Onyando

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