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Kenya Bucketlist 2018

So it's a new year and brings it a new calendar for adventure! Lucky for us there are plenty of Arts and Cultural Events happening in Kenya this year and we thought to highlight 5 major ones so we could all start saving up!


Far from the colosseums of Rome, these Olympic Games originated from the majestic plains of the Amboseli.

Worried about the increase in population of the Maasai Community and the depleted numbers of lions in the country, the Menye Layiok, “cultural fathers’’ of the Maasai Community, sought to create an alternative form of initiation other than that of the hunting of lions.

Together with the help of various sponsors, this event happens every 2 years and this year it will begin from March and the finals will be on 15th of December. It not only consists of games, where young Maasai boys compete in Rungu throwing, sprints, javelin and of course the Maasai High Jump, but also of conservation talks and education about how best to protect the environment that has already given us so much.

To find out more and to participate, visit their website here!


  • Lamu Cultural Festival

This year, Lamu gives us a two-for-one special. It will be hosting the Lamu Cultural Festival as well as the Lamu Yoga Festival.

Let’s start on the Cultural Festival.

Lamu is known for being a quiet coastal town with a rich history, but on this occasion, it comes to life with color and pomp of the vibrant Swahili and Arabic culture that has existed there for centuries. This week long festival will give spectators exciting events to behold such as dhow racing in the imposing Indian Ocean, the endearing donkey races through the historic town streets and the oldest game known to man, Bao.

Save up your coin, board a bus or plane and head on over to this festival for a sure memorable experience. For more information click here.

  • Lamu Yoga Festival

Yoga is known as the architecture for peace. Therefore, imagine aligning your chakras in the magical coastal tropical town of Lamu. Inspired by the Lamu chairlady Monika Fauth, Lamu Yoga started this annual event that is 4 days of yoga under 26 well trained teachers on the pristine sandy beaches of Shela beach. To learn more, click here.


Inspired by the Mijikenda heroine, Mekatilili wa Menza, who contributed in the nation’s struggle against the British colonialists, the Mijikenda community hold this annual event in honor of their culture, with the aim of safeguarding the culture and cultural activities.

Hosted in Kilifi County often around Mid-August, tourists are treated to a 4 day immersion of the local culture of the Mijikenda and a historic remembrance of a heroine who deserves our honor.

To learn more, click here.

  • Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

We head up North, to the soulful communities of the Rendille, El Molo, Samburu and Gabbra just to name a few. The Lake Turkana Cultural Festival is held in Loyangalani Town, and it’s a chance to allow one to learn more about the Northern communities whose stories are rarely ever told.

Happening by the jaw-dropping Jade Sea in June 2018, the Great Northern Frontier will come alive with song and dance from various great tribes. Fantastic fabrics by the tribesmen and women, ornaments and dress will be on display for study, all happening in the region known to be the cradle of humankind.

To learn more click here.

  • Horse Back Riding Safari in the Mara

Our last entry had to be ambitious. Ambitious dreams yield fantastic adventure, or so the saying goes.

Happened to chance upon this little known activity that happens in the Mara, a safari game drive through the greatest African savanna, not on four wheels but on four hooves and a saddle.

Though one has to be trained and comfortable handling a horse, once capable, you have the opportunity to witness the 8th Wonder of the World while riding on a horse, in close proximity to wildlife.

This experience often requires a guide and an assistant, and apart from experiencing wildlife at an arm’s length, there will also be educative interaction with the Maasai Community who have called the Mara their home for years and years. To learn more, you can check out this link.

There are much more wondrous activities and experiences to be a part of this year in this country which we love so dearly.

If you have compiled your bucketlist for the year, we urge you to share with us and who knows, we might end up sharing the adventure as well!

Blessed 2018!

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