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Top 6 Airbnb Getaways for Valentines in the City

It’s February, the month of love!

Every year February comes along and with it the celebration of St. Valentines where we honour those who we love, whether partners, friends or even family. We could give them gifts, take them out to dinner, or pack your bags, load up the car and whisk them away to a quaint bohemian Airbnb rental home within Nairobi!

Here are our top 6 picks of places to spend a night or two with your beloved.

*Note, we haven’t visited any of these places and our review is based on customer feedback.

1. Treehouse at Ngong House

Minutes away from the Giraffe Center and sitting on 10 acres of private estate, is this lovely warm treehouse where you could hide away for the weekend.

Hosted by a lovely host called Paul, you could enjoy breakfast and lunch at the Boho Eatery next door as well as just sitting back and taking in the breath-taking view of the Ngong Hills.

With customer reviews commending the rustic feel of the treehouse and its comfortable rooms, one thing to note is that it may not be ideal for self-catering and the Eatery is closed in the evening making getting dinner slightly tricky.

All in all, a place worth checking out for yourself! And did we mention the Daphné Cheldrick Elephant Orphanage is just 10 minutes away?

To see it for yourself and booking inquiries, click here.

2. River Cottage One – An Irish Welcome in Karen

The set-up of this Airbnb home looks simply fantastic. A self-catering log cabin supported on tilts and overlooking a garden and a private lake. All amenities are available, 2 double bedrooms, separate bathrooms, an integrated lounge and dinner area.

From the pictures, the interior doesn’t look all that fantastic but one customer reviewer says that the pictures don’t do it justice. What seems most attractive is the remoteness of the place and the access to organic food straight from the garden.

To judge it for yourself and see pictures, click here.

3. Tina's 4 Bedroom Bungalow

Seems like Karen has the best Airbnb Homes in the city! This too is in Karen, 10 minutes from the Hub. The house is set on 9 acres of private property and stylishly decorated. Once again, one reviewer says that the photos on the Airbnb page do not do it justice and we will believe her.

What seems attractive about the place is the exclusivity and the old feel of the home. There also seems to be large tracts of manicured lawn for you to have a picnic on a sunny day!

Most reviewers also commend the help of Monica who is available to assist at all times.

Want to see it for yourself? Click here.

4. Lena’s 2 Bedroom Cottage

Yes, also in Karen, this by far offers the most appealing pictures of any Airbnb on this list. The space is basically a 2-bedroom cottage, so, good for a double date. The walls are high enough to offer dining and the garden seems lovely enough to have a picnic.

From the reviews, most guests were happy with the host and the location, some citing accessibility to the Hub for shopping and the "sanctuary feeling" it gives off. Also, most commended the cleanliness and lovely furnishing.

Pictures? Yes? Click here.

5. Hob House

If ever there was an Airbnb listing that came close to a hotel experience, it probably is this one. Let’s talk about the space first. It is a private home with a lovely garden. The interior seems very well designed, the host is actually an interior designer and she has taken a great amount of time to make sure it looks splendid. The rooms seem simply fantastic. The bed and the colours used look inviting.

But that’s not the main attraction here. The food, according to most reviewers is to die for. The breakfast seems critically acclaimed and the chefs are well vast in various dishes, especially African and European cuisine.

Most reviewers were also pleased with the hosts and one thing to note is that 20% of the room rates goes to aiding and empowering the local youth.

Don’t believe us? Click here to see it for yourself.

6. The Constant Gardener Home

The most Hollywood listing here, this home was the location of the shooting of The Constant Gardener starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz who actually won an Oscar for her role! Talk about an introduction to a home!

Built in 1919 and nestled in the suburbs of Rosslyn, it sits on 2 acres of private land close to the Village Market, Rosslyn Riviera Mall and the UN. It offers two singles, one double and 1 bathroom.

English style breakfast is a specialty and one particular treat to us seems to be the stories of Sonia Ryrie, a woman who has lived in Kenya for 70 years. For the bird watchers, this place has you covered and for lovers of film, this definitely has to be in your bucketlist!

Think we’re lying? Click here to see it for yourself!

Thank you for getting till the end of our list. One piece of advice, most of these places are probably already booked for Valentines but they could serve as a couple bucket-list this year!

Send us an email at info@sanaastory.co.ke or leave your comment below if you choose to visit any of these places based on our recommendation and share with us your experience!

Have a lovely February!

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