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Chimpanzee Sanctuary - Ol Pejeta

Nestled at the heart of Ol Pejeta, the Chimpanzee Sanctuary offers guests a chance to interact & learn about our evolutionary cousins. Chimpanzees are great apes and not monkeys. What's the difference? Apes do not have tails, whereas monkeys do.

Where do the Chimps come from?

Chimpanzees are indigenous to Sub-Sahara Africa, moreso West Africa and the Congo.

The Chimps at Ol Pejeta have been rescued from these regions, having experienced inhumane treatment. Often hunted and killed for game meat, or if taken alive, sold and bought in open air markets or kept in chains as pets.

How does Ol Pejeta help?

This sanctuary offers a safe haven for these orphaned chimps, away from the possibility of harm.

This gives them a chance at rehabilitation and recovery.

Ol Pejeta also educates the public about the chimps, their situation and history. One is able to learn so much about these fascinating creatures.

Why are Chimps so special?

1. We share 98% of of our DNA with chimpanzees, making them one of our closest living relatives. This is more than gorillas or even orangutans.

2. Chimpanzees are considered endangered species. Fifty years ago, there were millions of chimpanzees that lived in Africa. Right now, there are as few as 170,000 in the wild.

3. Chimpanzees are known to make and use tools such as stones to crack nuts, twigs to probe for insects and even spears to hunt small animals.

4. Grown and adult chimps are known to twice as strong as humans, even seven times in some instances!

5. Chimpanzees have emotions similar to humans. They are known to experience joy, anger, grief, sorrow and even depression. They also comfort and reassure one another by kissing and embracing.

How can I get there?

To get to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary, you'll have to drive to Nanyuki, Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Having paid at the gate (check their website for rates) and once inside, you could make your way to the sanctuary to experience these fascinating creatures and learn more about our closest living relatives.

Want to learn more about chimpanzees? Click here!

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